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Product Highlights

  • Vortex Scimitar
  • Pioneering 12-string V with EMG 81
  • Revolver RO-7
  • The New Ramon Ortiz 7-string
  • Revolver 7 Deluxe
  • The long awaited 7-string shredder
  • Monterey Buccaneer
  • Dark, Basic and Aggressive
  • Vortex Classic JP
  • A vintage take on the modern V

    On the Road


  • Soulfly
  • Catch Tony Campos with his Signature Tremor bass
  • Suicidal Tendencies
  • See Dean, Nico and Tim with their Retrorocket, Revolver and Monterey
  • Slayer
  • Don't miss Kerry King's Sustainer squeals

    Latest News | Fernandes Guitars


    Haste The Day Farewell Tour With Fernandes

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    As you may know, HASTE THE DAY announced their break–up on November 22, 2010. Their final tour, featuring Fernandes artists MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE, THE CHARIOT and A PLEA FOR PURGING, just started on January 28th in St. Paul, MN and will cover North America through March 11th. The last show in Indianapolis will have STILL REMAINS reunited as special guests.

    Don't miss this "once in a lifetime" event, with plenty of Fernandes axes providing the thunder, you can find tour dates at each of the band's websites.


    Motorhead's The World Is Yours Album and Tour

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    MOTÖRHEAD announced their 2011 U.S. tour dates to celebrate the band's 35th anniversary and the release their new studio album, The Wörld Is Yours, on February 8, 2011. Tour also supports the critically-acclaimed documentary about MOTÖRHEAD's iconic founding-frontman, which has been tearing up the worldwide film festival circuit from New York to Melbourne to London and beyond.

    Don't miss Phil Campbell's Sustainer-powered Revolver guitars on tour and fueling the heavyness and rage of the new album.



    Robert Fripp Soundscapes in New York City - Audio and Interview Clips

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    Best known as the founder and leader of King Crimson, Robert Fripp developed a tape-looping technique eventually dubbed “Frippertronics,” which he used when he worked with Brian Eno in the mid 1970’s. Frippertronics has become Soundscapes, where he creates loops in real time, creating multiple layers, and then improvises solos on top of all of it. The Fernandes Sustainer plays a key part in this, as it provides orchestrated string-like sustain which with Robert's effect units creates astonishing textures. Sustainer can also be heard in his soloing, extending single notes and chords. Fripp set up in the secular cathedral of the World Financial Center for a two-day residency in early December of 2010 and part of a live performance recorded on December 4, along with John Schaefer’s interview, is can be heard at the WNYC New Sounds site.


    Anders Nystrom Of Katatonia Joins Fernandes

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    Anders Nyström, also known as Blakkheim, cofounder of Swedish metal band KATATONIA, is the newest member of the Fernandes family of artists. Anders is also involved in the songwriting, backing vocals, keyboards, programming, arrangements, art direction and production of KATATONIA. In addition to his work with KATATONIA, Anders used to be a member of metal band BEWITCHED from 1995 - 1997, is still together with Jonas Renkse on the death metal project BLOODBATH, and has released four albums as the one man black metal act DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE (1993 - 2004). Check out Anders playing his Sustainer-equipped Ravelle guitar in upcoming shows.

    "Together with distortion and delay the Fernandes Sustainer is simply the most brilliant invention ever made in the guitar world! I can now make my defined musical signature whisper, sing, weep or squeal by my own fingers. I'm a Sustainer addict for life!!!" - Anders Nyström


    Dave Linsk's Side Project

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    Dave Linsk’s side project SPEED\KILL/HATE released “Out For Blood” on January 25th, the long awaited follow up to “Acts Of Insanity”. For more information, check out

    OVERKILL has announced a special NYC show at the Best Buy Theater (formerly the Nokia Theater) on April 16th, 2011 with special guests Accept. Along with the NYC show, the band will also perform @ Jaxx in Springfield, VA on April 15th. 2011. Catch Dave Linsk shredding on his Sustainer-loaded Ravelle Elite Tremolo guitars also at upcoming summer festivals this summer.


    Artist Appearances Plus New Guitar & Bass Models To Be Revealed at NAMM 2011

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    Fernandes will introduce 5 new guitar models, 6 new Bass models, and 4 new finishes added to existing models. New models: V-Hawk (Elite, Deluxe, X), Ravelle Steeler, Tony Campos Signature Tremor (new version), Atlas Deluxe (4 & 5 strings), Ravelle Bass X, Monterey Bass (Deluxe, X - 4 & 5 Strings) and the return of the Retrospect (4 & 5 strings) bass. New finishes: Retrorocket Pro Vintage Cream, Revolver X Dark Metallic Red, Retrorocket X Lava Flame, Blue Flame and Snow White. Also presenting new t-shirt and tank top designs. Web update will be available online by the end of January.

    Artist appearances and demonstrations will include Mike Clark and Dean Pleasants of SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, Dave Linsk of OVERKILL, Tony Campos of ASESINO/PRONG/MINISTRY, Jeff Walker of CARCASS, Jonny Santos of SILENT CIVILIAN/SPINESHANK, Ramon Ortiz of PUYA/ANKLA, and more. All this happening at booth 5690.


    Ashmedi of Melechesh Plays the Sustainer-Equipped Vortex Elite

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    Ashmedi, leader of Mesopotamian black/thrash legends MELECHESH, endorses the Sustainer-equipped Vortex Elite. The band just headed for Istanbul, Turkey to shoot the video for “Grand Gathas Of Baal Sin” off their brand new masterpiece “The Epigenesis”. The album has also been recorded and produced in Istanbul at newly built Babajim Studios and is out now on Nuclear Blast Records.

    Don't miss Ashmedi shredding on his Vortex on upcoming tours shceduled to start this spring and throughout summer, including European festivals such as Germany's Summer Breeze 2011.


    Samael's New Album Titled Revealed

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    Mas Misein

    Swiss industrial black metallers SAMAEL have set "Lux Mundi" (which translates as "Light of the World") as title of their forthcoming album, due in the spring via Nuclear Blast Records. The CD, which took almost three years to be completed, was recorded this past summer after the band spent a few days in pre-production in Germany with with longtime collaborator Waldemar Sorychta (MOONSPELL, LACUNA COIL, TIAMAT, GRIP INC.). The actual recordings took place in two different locations in Switzerland and the mix was handled by extreme metal specialist Russ Russell in Kettering, England. "Lux Mundi" will consist of 10 to 12 new songs, including first single "Antigod" and live monster "Soul Invictus" (roughly translates in English as Invincible Soul), which is a word play with the Sol Invictus used by the Romans. The song was played during the latest European tour and it soon turned out to be one of the highlights of the set, becoming a crowd anthem on the spot.

    Don't miss Mas Misein's thundering Ravelle Bass on this album and also on Tour in 2011.


    Metal Mike Shreds On The Vortex

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    We are proud to welcome to our artist family, without doubt one of the hardest working and respected Heavy Metal guitarists of today’s generation, "Metal" Mike Chlasciak.

    Metal Mike has written and appeared on all HALFORD Sanctuary Records label recordings Resurrection (2000), Live Insurrection (2001), Crucible (2002) and Fourging The Furnace (2003). A member of many musical projects, such as SEBASTIAN BACH's band and a scholarship graduate of Berklee College of Music, Metal Mike has also released 3 solo instrumental albums Grind Textural Abstraction (1996), Territory: Guitar Kill!!, (2000) and The Spilling (2001).

    A Vortex Deluxe Limited was seen at recent Fall/Winter HALFORD performances on the hands of Metal Mike.


    Adam Lehan Plays The Ravelle

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    Adam Lehan of CATHEDRAL also picked up a Fernandes instrument for the Anniversary show, this time a Ravelle which he continues to play in current shows and recordings. Adam played guitar and wrote many songs for the albums Forest of Equilibrium, Soul Sacrifice, Statik Majik and The Ethereal Mirror. The band's sell thru DVD also features songs mainly taken from Lehan's stint in the band. He also played in UK thrash metal band Acid Reign and cult thrash band Lord Crucifier from Italy. He was guitarist for a rock project he formed with Slammer bassist Russ Burton shortly after leaving Acid Reign but chose to join CATHEDRAL just prior to the recording of their first demo tape. He now plays in FLIGHT and BENEATH THE OAK.

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