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Fernandes Guitars

Product Highlights

  • Vortex Scimitar
  • Pioneering 12-string V with EMG 81
  • Revolver RO-7
  • The New Ramon Ortiz 7-string
  • Revolver 7 Deluxe
  • The long awaited 7-string shredder
  • Monterey Buccaneer
  • Dark, Basic and Aggressive
  • Vortex Classic JP
  • A vintage take on the modern V
    Latest News - Fernandes Guitars

    Website Update Complete

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    The new 2013 guitar and basses have been added to Fernandes Guitars official website, feel free to browse through the product webpages, where you will find photos, specs and more. New models are scheduled to be in stores in June/July, most Fernandes dealers are currently accepting preorders, pick your favorites and contact your store of choice today.


    Fernandes 2013 Product Catalog

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    The new ground-breaking 52-page Fernandes Catalog is here.

    Featuring 16 new guitar and bass models for 2013!


    Website update, pricing and ordering information coming soon.


    Fernandes At 2013 NAMM Show

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    Fernandes will release 16 new models at the 2013 NAMM Show, the biggest trade show of the music products industry in America, happening January 24-27 in Anaheim, California.

    Artist appearances are also scheduled during the exhibition, all happening at Booth 5690, don't miss it!

    Download new Fernandes Guitars 2013 Product Catalog here


    Vertigo History Lesson Part 13

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    Modern times. In 2008, the whole Fernandes product was redesigned to its current state, including the Vertigo Series, blending the style and features of succesful versions from the past with more recent variations.

    The Vertigo Elite was enhanced again with the locking tremolo system, full pickguard and satin finishes, as well as the mighty EMG 81 in the bridge position.

    The Deluxe model was also revamped with active EMG pickups, 81/60 set, for powerful and versatile tone, and available in Metallic Black Satin, Natural Satin and Snow White finishes.

    The Vertigo X continued with most of it's features, except for the classic center dot inlays across the fretboard and the new Dark Green Metallic Satin finish, still offering great quality at a very low price.

    The Japan-made Vertigo Elite JP, was introduced in 2012, as part of the JP Series, becoming a top-of-the-line masterpiece.

    Recent Vertigo endorsees include Rich Ward of FOZZY, D.D. Verni of OVERKILL and Dwayne Denison of TOMAHAWK.

    Thanks for joining us in this journey through the history of the Fernandes Vertigo, stay tuned for more special features!

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    Vertigo Artist Profile: Juan Garcia

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    Rythm guitarist of Los Angeles speed metal icons AGENT STEEL, Juan Garcia, is another vuluable asset in the Vertigo user list, who hasn't stopped playing his Sustainer-equipped Vertigo Elite. Juan started playing guitar in the early 1980's in the metal band ABBATOIR, and later joined AGENT STEEL when their first demo "144,000 Gone" got the band signed to Combat records, in 1984.

    The band released two full length albums, and one EP before temporarily disbanding in 1988. Juan went on to form the thrash metal band EVILDEAD along with ex-members of Abattoir. The band released the two full-length albums Annihilation of Civilization and The Underworld, and a 3-song EP entitled Rise Above on Steamhammer Records. They had reasonable success in the European metal scene touring with bands like Laaz Rockit. EvilDead disbanded in the early 1990's and some of the members, including Juan, went on to form the band TERROR, which released the full-length "Hijos de Los Cometas" on BMG in Mexico before officially disbanding.

    In 1999, AGENT STEEL was reborn. Juan brought in bassist Karlos Medina that had been in EvilDead, and Terror; while Chuck Profus and Bernie Versailles returned; along with new recruit Bruce Hall as the new vocalist. The band recorded Omega Conspiracy in 1999 which was their first album in 13 years. In 2003, they released the album Order of the Illuminati to rave reviews with the band returning to a more of a traditional classic metal sound.  Following the release of Order of the Illuminati, a mini CD was available in late 2003 entitled Earth Under Lucifer as a promotional product to coincide with a European tour with Exodus. In 2005, Agent Steel released an official DVD which contains an entire live performance with no "overdubs" from their appearance at the Dynamo Open Air.

    On Sept 18-19, 2010 AGENT STEEL performed two live shows with John Cyriis returning as lead vocalist for the first time in over two decades in Tokyo, Japan at "Thrash Domination 2010" along with Exodus, Overkill, Nevermore and the Japanese band Outrage. Agent Steel also performed live in Europe with John Cyriis on vocals again at the "Sweden Rock Festival" in Solvesborg, Sweden on June 10, 2011. Juan is currently performing with MASTERS OF METAL, which include several AGENT STEEL members.


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