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Fernandes Guitars

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  • Vortex Scimitar
  • Pioneering 12-string V with EMG 81
  • Revolver RO-7
  • The New Ramon Ortiz 7-string
  • Revolver 7 Deluxe
  • The long awaited 7-string shredder
  • Monterey Buccaneer
  • Dark, Basic and Aggressive
  • Vortex Classic JP
  • A vintage take on the modern V
    Latest News - Fernandes Guitars

    Katatonia Epic Kings & Idols Tour

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    KATATONIA will headline the Epic Kings & Idols Tour across North America next September with Devin Townsend Project and Paradise Lost.

    Don't miss mastermind Anders Nystrom with his Sustainer-equipped guitars at these soon-to-be historic performances.

    "Together with distortion and delay the Fernandes Sustainer is simply the most brilliant invention ever made in the guitar world! I can now make my defined musical signature whisper, sing, weep or squeal by my own fingers. I'm a Sustainer addict for life!!!" - Anders Nyström


    Marissa Martinez in Decibel

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    REPULSION guitarist and CRETIN frontwoman Marissa Martinez is part of the Women In Metal -Queens of Noise issue of Decibel magazine.

    Pickup a copy of this special issue where you will find several great photos of her Sustainer-loaded Revolver Elite Limited.

    Catch Marissa with REPULSION at the Power of Riff in NYC on September 2nd.



    Fernandes At Rock Al Parque Festival

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    Many Fernandes artists where present at Latin Americas' largest free-admission rock festival, held in Bogota, Colombia from June 30 to July 2, featuring INQUISITION with Dagon and his Ravelle guitars, EL SAGRADO's Alice with her Ravelle guitar and Pajaro with his Gravity bass, HEADCRUSHER's Carlos with his Ravelle and David with his Vortex Elite, and also JUANITA DIENTES VERDES' David Serna with his Monterey Elite and Andres Piedrahita with his Gravity bass.


    Fernandes At Death To All Tour

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    Fernandes was well represented at the Chuck Schuldiner/DEATH tribute Death To All Tour which took part in several US cities last June. Guest vocalists and guitarists included ABYSMAL DAWN's Charles Elliot with his Ravelle guitar and EXHUMED's Matt Harvey with his Sustainer-loaded Vortex Elite.

    Check out the photo galleries and videos of the shows at the Death To All facebook page.


    INQUISITION latest and upcoming shows worldwide

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    Black metal kings INQUISITION are having a busy time touring in over 10 countries so far during the last couple of months, including an Australian tour, European, North and South American festivals, such as Maryland Death Fest, Deathcult Open Air and Rock al Parque festival in Bogota, Colombia, where they performed in front of an estimated 100,000 people, check out this great video of their historic performance.

    As usual, frontman/guitarist Dagon wont trade his Sustainer-equipped Ravelle guitars for anything else.

    Catch them at upcoming European tour dates, which can be found at their facebook page.


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